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Electrolyte Balance Hydration Drink Mix

Plant Based Wellness

Our ionic electrolytes deliver sustainable energy and full body hydration in a light, refreshing drink mix. This naturally harvested and science-backed product contains all of the major electrolytes plus 100% of your daily Vitamins B and C. These Electrolytes, in perfect balance, help hydrate and replenish the body faster than drinking water alone.

  • SUPPORT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Keep your body balanced and healthy with intense hydration and a broad spectrum of vitamins and electrolytes; Our science-backed product contains all of the major electrolytes plus 100% of your daily vitamin B and C

  • RAPID REHYDRATION: These Electrolytes help hydrate and replenish the body faster than drinking water alone; Balance an active lifestyle or jump-start a healthy routine with a daily hydration multiplier

  • AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO: Drink our mixes at home, at the gym, or at work, with high-performance hydration that contains no caffeine, sugar, or artificial flavors, colors, or stimulants; Add 1 stick pack to 16-32oz of water once daily

  • REFRESHING FLAVORS: The fresh, crisp flavor of our Watermelon Limeaid Ionic Tonic powders feature a delicate sweetness, natural fruit flavor, and hint of tart lime; Light and refreshing enough to drink throughout the day

  • ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS: Our naturally-harvested, plant-based drink mixes are made in the U.S.A. with only sugar-free, vegan, non-GMO ingredients; No dairy or gluten is included in our recipe

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

  • Non GMO

    Non GMO

  • Highly Soluble

    Highly Soluble

  • Dairy Free

    Dairy Free

  • Plant-Based


3 reviews for Electrolyte Balance Hydration Drink Mix

  1. Great Product

    Another reason I love Tonic! You girls rock 🙂

  2. Great Product

    I was so excited to get this product before it even launched to test it and it definitely does not disappoint! Very refreshing taste and it even has your daily dose of vitamin C. I used it last weekend after a night out and definitely “recovered” faster LOL

  3. Tastes so good

    I’ve tried so many electrolyte products this past year and I love this flavor so much. Also the fact that is doesn’t have sugar. Some brands have a crazy amount of sugar in them and I’m sugar free so this meets my needs for a good sports drink.

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Directions: Add one stick pack to 18-32oz of water (to taste) daily or as needed.