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Cork Yoga Mat


Our cork yoga mat embraces a natural cork surface. Countless yogis have converted to cork for its persistent non-slip surface, even during the sweatiest hot yoga. Cork is also unsurpassed in sustainability and body-friendly properties. Unlike most synthetic materials used in yoga mats, cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals. Purchasing a cork yoga mat helps protect the biodiversity of cork forests, as no trees are harmed in its production. Hand-made in the USA using 100% recyclable materials, this yoga mat is guaranteed to elevate your yoga experience.

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1 review for Cork Yoga Mat

  1. SO happy with this mat!

    I’ve been looking for a good go-to mat forEVER as I’m sure other yogis can appreciate. I finally bought this one and I’m really happy with it!

    The thickness is great. There’s enough cushion for my touchy knees, but it isn’t so thick that it’s overly bulky or hard to balance on.

    The cork material is great too! I don’t slip in non-heated or hot classes, but I do take one “fire” class that I always need a towel with regardless of what mat I use.

    I like that it’s easy to clean too. It’s naturally ant-microbial (unlike a lot of common materials out there) so I’ve never gotten a funky smell off of it.

    The material is holding up really well so far too. Some of my past mats have started “losing pieces” where my hands/feet rest or on the edges. This one is holding up in great condition!

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