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Beauty Tonic Collagen Peptides


By our mid-twenties, our body’s collagen production drastically diminishes. Naturally replenish your body’s collagen to prevent and reverse the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Our Beauty Collagen is a proprietary blend of collagen types I and III. Collagen Type I is the most abundant form of collagen in our bodies. It makes our skin radiant, hair long, and nails strong. Collagen Type III is found alongside Type I to help give skin its youthful glow and firmness.

Our Beauty Collagen is an unflavored, all-natural dietary supplement that is easily incorporated into one’s diet. We recommend mixing it into a smoothie bowl, avocado spread, a yogurt parfait, some melted dark chocolate, or your favorite beverage.

“It’s my first time ever taking collagen and after a month or so using it I already see the results. My skin looks better, with less acne and my hair looks amazing. It does not break at the end as much as it used to. I definitely will keep buying it!” – Leticia F

*There are 20 sticks per package.

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

  • Non GMO

    Non GMO

  • Paleo Friendly

    Paleo Friendly

  • Soy Free

    Soy Free

  • Dairy Free

    Dairy Free

  • No Artificial Growth Hormones

    No Artificial Growth Hormones

147 reviews for Beauty Tonic Collagen Peptides

  1. Best beauty collagen !

    (verified owner)

    The little Togo package it comes in is so convenient and after taking it a few times I noticed a difference in my hair and nail growth. My nail are stronger and my hair feels thicker!

  2. The best!!

    (verified owner)

    This is one the best collagen product I have ever used. My hair is so long and it looks SO healthy. I’ve also noticed that my nails have become stronger and do not break nearly as easy as they used to.

  3. Hands down the BEST

    I love adding this beauty collagen to my coffee. I’ve been using this for just over a year now and after trying numerous collagen supps this is hands down the BEST I’ve found and here’s why:
    -There’s zero added flavor (most brands claim theirs is unflavored, but I can still taste it or it changes the texture and I just can’t!)
    -It really keeps your skin looking more clear and glowy (when I use this regularly I definitely notice less face breakouts and blemishes)
    -My nails hold up even with back to back gel mani appts lol
    -This was one of the regular products I used to help regrow my edges when I had hair loss from tight styles
    -Women owned and I love supporting other women in their business.

  4. Better hair skin and nails!

    Been trying to up my collagen intake and Beauty Tonic has been my favorite so far. My favorite thing about this product is its unflavored so I can literally put it in my smoothie, coffee, or even my oatmeal in the morning and it doesn’t affect the taste 😋

    10/10 recommend and huge bonus that they are a woman owned company who curated their products specifically for us women!

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We recommend adding this powder to:

  • smoothie bowls
  • avocado spread
  • yogurt parfait
  • melted dark chocolate
  • your favorite beverage

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